Dr. Madan & Madhuri Kataria

Dr. Madan Kataria

He has created a global network of non-profit Laughter Clubs, which are freely accessible for everyone. He and his wife Madhuri invented Hasya Yoga (Laughter Yoga) more than 28 years ago. The mission of the Laughter Yoga movement: Health, Happiness and World Peace through Laughter!

Looking back

The Laughter Yoga Congress 2019 with the motto "Expedition to Lachland" created an overwhelming atmosphere of optimism, under which many different areas of action became vividly visible. Some of these areas of action were slowed down again by the corona pandemic. At the same time, alternatives and new things emerged, above all through increased use of the Internet. The laughter yoga congress that followed finally took place online in 2022 after a face-to-face event had to be canceled in 2021. The motto was "Learn to laugh mindfully". This event was of high intensity, very substantial and deeply touching.

We want to continue the good
In 2024 we join the most exciting and best that these two congresses have produced. At its core, there is a great enthusiasm for further development, for experimentation, for dealing with challenges in a joyful, empowering way, and a strong feeling of solidarity. Together with the elements of joy, there is this unique, positive power that is released through laughter yoga.

We laugh ourselves green
With the motto "Frühlingserlachen" ("spring laughter") we broaden the laughter-yogical view - and laughingly take nature and the environment into our awareness. The colorful basic concept of laughter yoga, namely a combination of laughing, playing, singing, dancing, clapping, breathing, stretching and mindfulness, remains. The inclusion of nature is new. The aim is to joyfully feel oneness and to open your heart wide to mindfulness, compassion and responsibility.

Our strengths count
With laughter as the accompaniment, we have a unique approach. Fears and paralyzing fear can be transformed into courage and confidence - and the creativity released by laughter sees many paths, possibilities and ideas that cannot be seen in the state of fearful perception of the future.

We remain true to the principle of neutrality
Taking part in a tree planting campaign, for example, is civic engagement that takes place beyond politics, ideologies or religions. It is about the preservation of nature, which is of existential importance for all of us. In Malaysia, for example, the "Johor Bahru Happy & Joyful Club" took part in a tree planting campaign and created a great atmosphere with laughter yoga, clowning and drumming.

The Earth Charter
This document was created in a year-long process by thousands of people from all parts of society and all continents. UNESCO adopted it in 2003 as part of educational processes around the world. Alternative Nobel Prize winner Leonardo Boff worked on it. It is a universal code of conduct to guide humanity towards a sustainable future.

In his book Future for Mother Earth, Boff writes: “The charter's chief merit is that it has made the category of the universal interconnectedness of all things with all others its central axis. Therefore, it can assert the common destiny of earth and humanity and once again express the conviction that we form one great earthly and cosmic community. Underlying the Earth Charter are the perspectives developed by earth science, new cosmology, quantum physics and contemporary biology, and the safest assumptions of the holistic paradigm of ecology.”

The charter concludes: “Let us make our time so that it will be remembered as a time of renewed reverence for life, a time of resolute pursuit of sustainable development, as a time of renewed vigor in the pursuit of justice and peace, and as a time of joyful celebration of life” (Earth Charter, 16).

Existing Commonalities to the Earth Charter
Laughter yoga is practiced in laughter clubs and many institutions and companies around the world because it is fun, good for overall health and creates social bonds. People open their hearts, feel joie de vivre and connectedness and take care of each other. Laughter yoga promotes emotional intelligence and an empathetic, friendly togetherness. Laughter Yogis feel part of a big, happy family. The power of peace that emanates from laughter yoga finds its solemn expression every year on World Laughter Day.

Building bridges to nature with laughter yoga at the congress
Bridge 1: Inspirations from nature
Bridge 2: Mindfulness
Bridge 3: breath
Bridge 4: The nature of laughter yoga
Bridge 5: The Eco Laughter Challenge
Bridge 6: More

Location: Yoga Vidya, Horn-Bad Meinberg
Date: 1st-3rd March 2024
Please note that the conference is held only in German language (except for the seminar of Dr. Madan Kataria, which will be English with German translation)!
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Einladung von Dr. Madan und Madhuri Kataria

Our Lecturers 2022

It is with great pleasure that we present our highly esteemed lecturers, who guided us through the Laughter Yoga Congress!