Dr. Madan & Madhuri Kataria

Dr. Madan Kataria

He has created a global network of non-profit Laughter Clubs, which are freely accessible for everyone. He and his wife Madhuri invented Hasya Yoga (Laughter Yoga) more than 28 years ago. The mission of the Laughter Yoga movement: Health, Happiness and World Peace through Laughter!

German Online Laughter Yoga Congress 2022 (April 2022)
The German Online Laughter Yoga Congress took place on the first weekend of April 2022. It was two days full of laughter, information, encouragement and ideas. The founder of laughter yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria and outstanding lecturers led into the game with creativity, into sensory and sound experiences and presented knowledge around the motto "mindful, laughing, learning". You can find the echo and review of these magical days here.

Einladung von Dr. Madan und Madhuri Kataria