German Online Laughter Yoga Congress 2022 "Learn to Laugh Mindfully"

Welcome to the review of the German Online Laughter Yoga Congress 2022. Here you can reminisce. Have fun!

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Two moving days lie behind us in every respect! The long-awaited German Laughter Yoga Congress took place from April 1st to April 2nd, 2022 in online format for the first time and literally "blew us off the feet", the organizers and the lecturers as well as the participants. Our expectations were far exceeded, so much that we can hardly put it into words. We had hoped for a well-scheduled, colorfully mixed program with high-quality content, but what came out of it at the end was magical. We rubbed our eyes and almost thought we woke up from a dream.

Of course, every single person who contributed to the congress played a key role in making this possible. They all firmly believed that, especially in these turbulent times, laughter and the elements of joy are the antagonists that are urgently needed to remain confident and balanced. And so the congress became a powerful source from which flowed lively joie de vivre, mindful silence, a lot of knowledge and warm solidarity.

In the preliminary program, Dr. Kataria offered a fascinating glimpse into the future of the global laughter yoga movement. With his presence and radiance, he provided the audience with an unforgettable experience. A performance by master trainer Vinayak Shastri, Dr. K's right hand, was also great fun, when he explained laughter yoga in his captivating way.

Hardly anyone could have summed up the start of the congress with her art as a “conference poet” in a more original way than Kerstin Spoer! She created thoughts and puns around the motto "Learn Mindful Laughing" and even delighted the inventors of laughter yoga, the couple Madhuri and Dr. Madan Kataria, with an English version of the poem. The entire poem can be found and read on this archive page. On the second day, she spoke in a touching manner about the reasons for her heart's desire, how the get-together "Zum Tod lachen" ("Laughing to death") came about.

Julia Hagemann, who acted as moderator, was an absolute stroke of luck! For this you have to know that the program was packed full. The lecturers gave each other the handle, so to speak. There were no breaks except for lunch. Julia was the bouncer who greatly and wonderfully enriched the short interruptions with humor, wit and her ingenious art as a singer on the electric piano. She introduced everyone in an inimitable way, provided entertaining transitions and made it easy for the participants to get through the program marathon cheerfully.

The band "Wintergreen Goblins" also spread pure joy with their music! Anne Sintic and Gundula Krause-Becker gave a wonderful concert on Friday evening. It was as coherent and appropriate to the congress as only they can manage. Some of the sing-along and dance-along pieces that they wrote themselves became catchy tunes long ago. Both Gundula and Anne have also presented a lecture. Gundula spoke about the significant impact of laughter on empathy and compassion, which Marshall B. Rosenberg says is the most precious gift people can give one another. In a cheerful and imaginative presentation, Anne introduced us to the connection between laughter and creativity and humorously encouraged us to discover the genius in us.

A total of 22 lecturers gave their best. We will soon have a picture show with music and text ready to be viewed, in which all lecturers will be honored again. The participants hung on their every word spellbound or enthusiastically participated in the many exercises and dances. The range of topics presented included laughter yoga and mindfulness, social, interdisciplinary, science, breathing and movement. All contributions were of excitingly high quality and new insights! You wanted to see everything and not miss anything. The recordings were available to the participants for 14 days after the congress. A special and first-time add-on is the accompanying book to the congress, in which presentations and essays by the lecturers are compiled. Participants can read more about the lectures on more than 100 pages. We think that's great!

Our summary is: A laughter yoga congress like this, which took place online, was valuable and meaningful in every respect. We are very happy to have had this experience. The spirit of laughter can also be carried on in this way. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to it and brought about this miracle, from the bottom of our hearts and with happy solidarity.

We keep going ;)

Text: Gabriela Leppelt-Remmel
Translation: Sandra Mandl


Songs from Julia Hagemann

Do your best and leave the rest (Kanon) (English text)
Holzfällerlied (German text)
Pflichtschuldigst gähnet (German text)

Poem Kerstin Spoer

ALL - poem (English and German text mixed)


Feedback on the Laughter Yoga Congress 2022

Thank you for your feedback! Here is a little insight into how the congress was received by the participants and lecturers.
(Translation of the feedbacks by Sandra Mandl)

"I've been a different person since the Laughter Yoga Convention. I still vibrate at a higher energy, I still get catchy tunes from the beautiful music of the Wintergreen Goblins, I still feel connected like never before. It's a new reality. The format, online and the entire time in the plenum, was worth its weight in gold. I really enjoyed this constant community and felt that I was in good hands, although at the same time I missed being together in person. The pendulum swings back and forth in exactly the same way, and that is what distinguished the congress: a polyphony, a place that hold space for both ... and ..., and I am grateful and happy to have contributed my part. It was magical and unprecedented in intensity and depth for me as an experience in the laughter yoga world. It was particularly nice for me that the workshops on Saturday prepared my workshop in a great way and led to it. I couldn't help but open up, I couldn't help but speak from my heart, I couldn't help but show my facets. The silence that followed was a great gift. Touch and connection have shown themselves more than clearly and were strongly felt. It was a special experience that I will never forget. I felt safe and in good hands. Tears of joy and tears of sorrow mixed in a special way over the weekend and I am heartily happy and grateful to have been a part of it all. I'm healed a bit and that's wonderful. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I am encouraged that the format "Zum Tod Lachen" belongs in the world and will continue on my way with all the consequences. The connection to the big picture, to the laughing community and also to myself has reached a new level and I look forward to what we will continue to build and create together. THANK YOU again, it was a celebration." (Kerstin)

"Thank you for everything - it was wonderful ;-)" (Thomas)

"I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you and all the helpers and speakers for this interesting, inspiring congress and the wealth of information. Thank you for the lots of loving work and time that is behind it and also the extensive writing. It was my first laughter yoga congress ever and I'm very grateful that he was online. As a wheelchair user, I certainly wouldn't have gone to a live event over a weekend because it would have been too exhausting for me. It was exhausting online too, because I found every part super interesting and didn't want to miss anything. Nevertheless, I have been very richly gifted with information that is valuable to me. Yes, it still has an effect and showed me ways and encouraged me to get involved. THAT WAS GREAT !!!" (Marion)

"Thank you, thank you. The Laughter Yoga Congress was really great and touching." (Barbara)

"... overall very inspiring again, you had great speakers, I liked it. And it still has an effect and I hope that I will implement some of the ideas I had." (Kerstin)

"The Laughter Yoga Congress was an enrichment and encouraged me to continue laughing with my visually impaired and blind rehabilitants. I also received a wealth of arguments and practical instructions that I was sometimes missing." (Anja)

"Yeah, it still resonates. It was so wonderful and at the same time so comprehensive and enriching that I'm still processing it. Thank you for making the videos available longer. I've attended so many congresses online, but this is the first one I've looked at again with this intensity. So really thank you so much for this wonderful event, for your time, for your effort and all the love you put into it" (Sindy)

"Thank you for this congress. Your lecture Sandra was one of the highlights for me, the other was the one about yawning. I did this breathing exercise in my course yesterday. The participants were surprised and enthusiastic." (Thomas)

"Thank you very much for the great organization of the laughter yoga congress. It was a wonderful experience between laughing, crying and learning..." (Dorothe)

"Thank you again for this great congress. You did something very special there. Very good, very good Yeah. I'm still filled with the contributions and the inspiration carries me further." (Susanna)

"My goodness, Sandra, that was a blessing - your wonderfully designed congress. Your calm, touching manner is really very good, is balm for the soul. I also thank you very much for keeping the offer of leniency open until Easter. I'm sure I will have a look there. But for the first time I would like to say thank you and I am super glad that I discovered you and the laughter yogis." (Christiane)

"There was indeed magic at play at the congress. ;) I left the weekend completely flashed, absolutely happy, and inspired and felt this magic for many more days. It's amazing what you've done there! Even online, a deep bond was created between the participants and a pleasant space for fun, exchange and inspiration. THANK YOU!" (Lisa-Marie)

"Thank you - thank you - thank you! Once again for this wonderful congress (my first) and the immeasurably many inspirations and ideas - also great for reading afterwards! Many things have stuck with me that I have already been able to implement in everyday life and with LY groups. You you did it SUPER and put all your heart and soul into it. That came across very clearly." (Verena)

"Dear Sandra, dear Gabriela, it was a nice congress! Above all, I admire how balanced and disciplined you pulled it off! I was a bit worried about whether 1 1/2 days in front of the screen weren't getting to be too much for me. But because of your clever planning and the abbreviation of the individual contributions and the great mix between action and listening and just recording I stuck to it! It was a great pleasure to be connected with the lovely people at least in this way! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a great team!" (Ilsebyll)

"Dear Sandra. First of all, a huge thank you for organizing the LY Congress in May. It was really indescribably impressive, like being on cloud nine, so easy and so intense and rich in content. I never would have thought that this was possible via ZOOM. A real top performance from you and Gabriela. A blessing in these times of upheaval with so many upheavals." (Mechthild)